We discovered this summer that the RM of St. Clements had done test-pitting for gravel in an area south of Stead Road and east of the boundary of the Brokenhead Wetlands Ecological Reserve. Peggy had just presented Debwendon’s concerns about the number of gravel quarries around Gull Lake and the ecological reserve to Council in late May. We were dismayed to find out about the test-pitting in July and we immediately expressed our concerns in a letter to the RM and relevant provincial authorities. The RM has indicated they won’t be able to meet with us until at least January to discuss the issue. Our hope is that the RM will not start new gravel pits in these areas due to the proximity to the source water for the ecological reserve, and we intend to stay on top of this issue.

We have connected with the Gull Lake Ratepayers Association and the Gull Lake Basin Management Board as they also have concerns for Gull Lake due to the extra traffic on Stead Road, dust, and destruction of a natural area.