Carl Smith, Richard Reeves and Peggy Bainard Acheson were at the trail on May 16 to do an interpreted tour for some University of Manitoba Landscape Architect students. It was great to see their enthusiasm for what they were seeing and learning. Because of the late spring we could only find a few species in bloom – the early blue violet and coltsfoot. In the Composite (or dandelion) family, coltsfoot, has two species in Manitoba, palmate- and arrow-leaved) . However, you don’t know which one it is until the leaves appear, which occurs a couple of weeks later.

If you know of any schools or other groups that might be interested in a tour, please let us know and we can send you the details on costs, etc.

We hope to see you all at some time during the season if not at Discovery Day. Look for our new logbook. Let us know if you see any trees down, vandalism, etc. 

Happy Trails, Debwendon Board

Geocache Site

We are pleased to announce that a geocache site is now in place at the trailhead. The geocache site was suggested by Fraser Stewart, from the RM of St. Clements Heritage Committee. Fraser also built the geocache box. If you wish to visit the geocache, go to

N50° 24′ 55.3536”, W96° 32′ 24.1692”.

To find out more about geocaching and register your visit go to