Richard Reeves trying out one of the benches at the wigwam. Photo by Peggy Bainard Acheson.

The Board of Debwendon has been working on some small projects, a couple of which are complete. We contracted Jade Signworks to install a couple of benches on either side of the wigwam. They also installed some bollards at the trailhead to prevent ATVs from accessing the trail and boardwalk. The trail is only meant for walkers, hikers, and includes access for wheelchairs and strollers only. Bicycles and dogs are also not allowed on the trail. We want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable time on the trail. Please report any infractions to Remember the seasonal opening is May 18th!

Other projects in the works include two marked handicap parking spaces and curb painting by the wigwam to show where the wheelchair and stroller access is (blue paint) and yellow paint on the other curbs to show no parking areas. Thanks for your help in respecting these indicators.









The first signs of spring on the trail (coltsfoot, Petasites spp.).

View of the trail on the weekend. Photos by Catherine Kingsley.



Jade installing the two benches at the wigwam. Bollards in the background. Photo by Peggy Bainard Acheson.