2007-Dec:  $250 Corporate Logo Design Contest

You are asked to design a logo for Debwendon Inc, a non-profit organization formed to promote and preserve the Brokenhead Wetland Ecological Reserve and to promote the general knowledge and understanding of the historic cultural connection between the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation and the Brokenhead Wetland.  The name Debwendon means “trust” in Ojibway.  Contestants may find it helpful to view “EKO”, a video on the Brokenhead Wetlands, available on the Debwendon.Org website.  The logo should be an original design that represents the values and objectives of Debwendon Inc.

By submitting an entry, you are offering to grant Debwendon the right to use it as they see fit in print and other media including on its website, for $250.  If your design is chosen, you will receive $250.

Submissions may be on paper, or electronic.  Electronic submissions may be in any image format, but if you’re able to submit in vector-graphic form, then please do.  The deadline for submissions is: March 31, 2008.

Electronic entries should be submitted to: ereimer@shaw.ca;  paper entries to: Carl Smith, chair of Debwendon Inc, Box 180, Scanterbury MB R0E1W0 Canada